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Skin rejuvenation

Fed up with sun damage such as brown pigmentation spots, redness through thread veins and uneven or saggy skin texture? Fight these signs of ageing with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) alone or combined with other clinical treatments, and your skin looks firmer and more radiant.

IPL treatment promotes collagen production, shrinks red veins and lightens pigmented areas. The treatment feels like a series of quick pinpricks, with any redness or swelling soon subsiding. Pigmented spots darken before they flake off, which evens your skin tone. Your skin should tighten over the following months as it produces more collagen.

The 45-minute treatment is suitable for most people except very dark or tanned skins. Six sessions are recommended with two to three weeks between each treatment, and top-up sessions as required once or twice a year.

Before you are treated using this method, you must sign a consent form and if you are suitable for the treatment, a patch of skin will be tested.

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