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“I’d have all sorts of other treatments but I don’t like the idea of Botox”

25 March 10

Why not?

glabellar injection

It’s really not scary. Nor need you look scary when you’ve had a treatment. I have been having botulinum toxin injections in my forehead for 20 years, and I can honestly say it is the most effective and transforming “beauty treatment” I have ever had. In my early 30’s I used to have quite a marked frown line. Even when I was  having a perfectly happy conversation with someone, I didn’t realise I was actually frowning. I used to joke that I frightened babies in their prams when I cooed at them, and it wasn’t so far from the truth. Then I read about this interesting new treatment, and went off to a plastic surgeon in Harley St,  Mr Dev Basra. He sat me on his treatment couch, put about 4 tiny injections in my forehead which took approximately 60 seconds, and that was that. £200 ( in 1990) thank you very much. I didn’t even get to sign a consent form.

I wouldn’t have dreamed of telling my husband, but about 5 days later he said to me, (completely out of the blue), “Gosh Melly you are looking really happy at the moment! What are you so happy about?”.

I rest my case m’Lud.