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My mother used to say: “The Lord never closes one door but He shuts another”

15 June 10

This was her own version of a well known proverb; one that  gave voice to her   somewhat cynical and cup-half-empty attitude to life, which I am delighted to say I have not inherited. I suddenly found myself remembering this during a conversation with one of my female clients who was bemoaning the ghastly onset of facial hair. If we have been lucky enough to avoid it during our younger years, many women of a certain age are depressed to find that this is yet another blow to the ego that assaults us as we reach our 40s and 50s. The reduction in circulating oestrogens that accompanies the perimenopausal years means that the normally present male hormones (androgens)  are given free rein to rampage unopposed around our fabulous female bodies and wreak havoc in the form of bristles and whiskers.

I commiserated with my client and said, after quoting my mother, “How fortunate, therefore, that we start to go blind at 40 as well so we can’t actually  see the ravages of time on our bodies.” Oddly enough she didn’t seem to derive much comfort from this and replied with a hollow laugh,  “ This isn’t just a few hairs you know— if I don’t pluck or bleach  assiduously every day we’re talking Saddam Hussein here.”

Well I do like a challenge, but the hardest part was persuading her to leave the hairs in situ just long enough for me  (and my IPL machine) to be able to see them and blast them to frazzled perdition.  I even offered to let her come and see me every couple of days or so, so that the growth would never get excessive. However, it never actually  came to that because after just one treatment, the number and thickness of the hairs was so significantly reduced that she was happy enough to shave and use make-up between treatments , which are typically 4-5 weeks apart. After 6- 8 treatments with perhaps a top-up once or twice a year, she will be virtually hair free.

I know that there are many more troubled souls out there keeping this deep dark secret to themselves. They have been waging war on their upper lips and chins in the secrecy of their bathrooms for years and years and telling no one.

Let me deliver you from your chains, and let your hearts be uplifted because salvation is at hand!

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